The Best Edibles For Back Pain

With the news that around 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and with 60% of the population getting no relief at all from standard painkillers, it’s clear there is a need to find an effective treatment to relieve the pain. With the risk of addiction to traditional opioid medications which are so commonly prescribed by doctors and the unwanted side effects which so often arise from using pharmaceutical treatments, it’s no wonder that more people living with chronic back pain have turned to cannabis in an attempt to find relief from their suffering.

Edibles and Their Effectiveness in Treating Back Pain

For centuries, people have been using cannabis as an effective treatment for all kinds of pain, including back pain, and with so many ways to take it, it can be hard to know which form to use. With options ranging from smoking and vaping to tinctures and edibles, finding the best method to treat your own back pain can be a challenge, however, in many cases edibles have proven to be the best choice. Readily available in dispensaries in a range of forms to appeal to all kinds of users, back pain sufferers can choose from cookies, candies, brownies or a host of other infused foods which can be consumed discreetly in an enjoyable way, helping to relieve pain without any of the unwanted side effects so frequently experienced with prescribed medication.

How Does Cannabis Help Treat Back Pain?

The cannabinoids which are found in cannabis have pain-relieving (analgesic) properties and can produce an anti-inflammatory effect in the body which is extremely beneficial in treating back pain. It is believed that cannabinoids are able to suppress the pain signals which are transmitted to the brain while also reducing the inflammation that contributes to the pain. Cannabis compounds stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system which has a key role to play in modifying the way in which we experience pain and this explains why, in a study that was carried out in 2004 surveying 34 patients who were suffering from chronic pain which was resistant to conventional treatment, it was revealed that cannabis extracts were shown to produce a significant level of improvement in controlling pain.

Why Are Edibles Better Than Smoking Cannabis?

Apart from the fact that smoking cannabis could potentially be harmful to the lungs, edibles offer a number of benefits that extend beyond their convenience and ease of use. For a start, edibles offer a more powerful and long-lasting form of pain relief which is ideal for people who suffer from chronic ongoing pain. While edibles don’t actually provide pain relief instantly when compared to smoking cannabis since the cannabinoids must pass through the digestive system and liver to be processed before the effect can be felt, the fact that the effect is stronger and much more enduring makes edibles more beneficial for pain sufferers since the relief can last up to seven hours.

What Are the Best Cannabis Edibles for Back Pain?

Marijuana edibles represent the best way to manage your back pain in the long term, especially if you are adverse to smoking cannabis and if you are looking for a convenient way to achieve long-term relief.

For pain relief, you’ll need an edible with CBD. Some chronic back pain sufferers find relief with as little as 5mg of CBD per dose, though other may require 100mg or more.

Nano H20 CBD Water

Nano H20 CBD water is an extremely discreet way of getting a 10mg dose. This water is unflavored and contains no THC, so it’s great to have on hand when you’re out and about.

Punch C-90 Chocolates

Punch C-90 chocolates contain a much stronger kick. Each little bar contains a whole 90mg of pain-relieving CBD. This blackberry dark chocolate bar also has a great, rich flavor that you would want to enjoy even without the effects.

Medterra Gel Capsules

Not interested in flavor? Medterra gel capsules deliver 25mg of CBD each for the best in convenience and discretion.

Pure Ratios Salve

Pure Ratios salve isn’t an edible, but it’s perfect for back pain sufferers. This topical salve can be applied directly to your stiff or aching back for targeted relief. It also includes a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, so you can also enjoy cannabis’s more famous effects.

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